7 Rose Gift Ideas To Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

7 Rose Gift Ideas To Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

Who says that you can only give roses and unique gifts to your loved ones during Valentines Day? Whether there’s an occasion or none, receiving a gift will always make someone feel special and appreciated. It is a subtle way to make them feel that you care for them a lot.

There is something very romantic in getting rose gifts every once in a while. But if you want to gift something practical and useful, you can always go for that choice as well. Roses don’t always have to be given in their flower form to make them extra special. 

Here are some of the best rose gift ideas to choose from when you want to give something that can last for a while. 


No.1 Rose Frame

Let’s admit it: almost all the frames you have at home came from gifts. And when you really do need these items, it’s always a great feeling if you have frames lying around. These gifts might not be helpful to your special loved ones now. However, they will eventually get more appreciated later on. 

What really makes a lovely rose frame popular is its gifting flexibility. This gift fits on significant occasions like birthdays, weddings, and more. 


No.2 Rose Bear 

Another great gift ideas for your special someone is a fluffy little Rose Bear. Unlike other teddy bears, Rose Bears (or different types of flower bear) are made with PE suede or artificial flower petals. It is soft to the touch and easy to clean. These items are also available in different sizes and colors. 

Rose bears are one of the best things to consider when you need to get separated from your loved ones for a significant amount of time. 


NO.3 Rose Petals Scented Bath Soap

Everyone wants to pamper themselves every once to cope with stress and other negativity in their lives. In reality, you don’t have to pay for an expensive massage or a vacation to get yourself pampered. Even a long bath with great-smelling soap can be the most relaxing thing ever. 

This is where rose petals, scented bath soaps or bath bombs play their part. Pamper your special someone with a reinvigorating bath. It’s a simple gift, but its the often the thought that counts the most. 


No.4 Galaxy Rose In Glass Dome

Do you want to gift something that can last forever? Something that you and your special someone can look back and reminisce about after years of being together? Then a glass dome eternal rose might be your best options.

One of the best options is the Galaxy Rose design, which features a small LED lighting that can last for quite a while. With this in mind, you can also use this item as decor during romantic at-home dinners and movie nights.


No.5 Pressed Rose Flower

Many people might not know it, but the color and shape of a flower can be preserved by pressing it against a frame. With the force of the presses, the moisture in flower gets out. The final product is a picture of a real-life flower perfectly preserved in an artwork. 

When done correctly, a pressed rose can brighten up an area while highlighting the flowers sentimental value. This is also an excellent idea for an eternal gift. 


No.6 Mini Dried Flowers In Glass Dome

But if you want your flower to be framed and hanged on the wall, you can get a dried flower glass dome instead. The rose retains its original shape but is still preserved due to the strong glass cover that protects it from impact.

A mini glass dome is a subtle yet effective way to inspire your loved ones even if you’re busy with your work and other duties. Designs with LED components for this glass dome is also an available option. 


No.7 Rose Candles

And lastly, the good ‘ol rose candles are still an excellent choice for rose gift ideas. What makes this gift so appealing is that the makers usually let the user customize their candles. It is possible to choose the candle’s custom color, the scent, and the kind of relaxing effect which is preferred by the user.