DIY Photo Gift Box For Special Memories

DIY Photo Gift Box For Special Memories

You may never have come across a photo gift box before, but if so, you have missed out thus far. These make amazing gifts for any occasion, being beautifully personal, and a much more exciting alternative to the bog-standard photo album, which is often uninspiring.

What Is An Explosion Photo Gift Box?

An explosion gift box is like this hexagon gift box. It’s designed for you to fill with beautiful memories, and in the center, it has a little gift box which you can either pack with goodies, or put a single, special item in.

These are great for any occasion where you have a small present to present – whether that’s a flower, a piece of jewelry, a token for a special event, or even an engagement ring. What better way to propose than with a ring surrounded by all the special moments you have shared with the recipient?


Why Should I Buy A Photo Gift Box?

Photo gift boxes are very personal, combining the personalization of a DIY scrapbook with the elegance, sophistication, and durability of these lovely boxes. As soon as the lid is lifted, a myriad of memories and ideas will explore outward like an array of confetti intended just for that person.

These boxes can so easily be packed full of beautiful memories and thoughtful pictures. You can fill the multi-layered inside with anything you want, including love letters, photographs, cards, etc., to create an amazing explosion of all the recipient’s most emotional moments.


This takes the hassle out of trying to build your own scrapbook or memory board, requiring no assembly. Just add your pictures and you have a beautiful present waiting for the special day.

What Are Photo Gift Boxes Suitable For?

One of the best things about this product is that you can use one for any occasion. We all love to remember, and we all love photographs.

Combine those two things for wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, baby showers, or even funerals, and you have a stunning keepsake that perfectly snapshots a moment in time to be enjoyed and explored over and over again.

The box is sturdy enough that it will last well, and it looks beautiful both folded away into a hexagon and arrayed in full splendor with its contents on view for the world. With a little gift or note tucked away safe in its center, it is just waiting to unfurl and shower the recipient with thoughtfulness and appreciation.