Hacking Run-Of-The-Mill Ideas To Create A Fairy-Tale Wedding

Hacking Run-Of-The-Mill Ideas To Create A Fairy-Tale Wedding

Gone are the days when wedding venues were confetti land. Weddings nowadays are getting classier and more intimate. So naturally, the scene is flooded with wedding decoration ideas from over the spectrum. But if you're one to think personalizing isn't an option, think twice. You don't want to end up regretting not using roses on the day because you didn't customize your choices. This day doesn't happen over and over again for most people. The memories you make, therefore, shouldn't have room for imperfections. All those years that you spent thinking about your wedding day must fuse into a dreamland. 


Wedding vibe

Planning a wedding is both exciting and hectic. In the midst of all this, there is one mistake to avoid. Sticking with a wedding decor because of traditions. Contemporary times have seen people reinvent weddings to somewhat of a celebration of ideas. And the gamechanger in this has been DIY wedding decoration. They are cost-effective and sustainable while also being appealing. 

To help you narrow down on ideas, below are the unique uses of typical decoration items. 

A modern twist to classic embellishments

Balloon clouds - Deriving inspiration from the archways, balloons can be used as a blanket of clouds. The simplest way to go about this is to use helium balloons. For something a little extra, have each wedding balloon filled with confetti. Release as many as possible and let them hang on to the ceiling.

Aerial Flowers - Make an exotic pot of flowers. Be sure to mix varieties to make the bouquet pop. Your wedding flower pot is now ready to be suspended by the ceiling. The hanger needed for this is made out of crochet, for both safety and semblance.

Tree Lights - Nothing sets the mood as lights do. String lights dominate this market. To step up your light game, place tabletop lights on counters of uneven heights. A USB/Battery LED tabletop artificial tree light has all the chops to nail the dreamy look. These lights come in colour variants for a dazzling effect.

Silk Drapes - Engulf the sitting area in drapes falling high from the roof. Silk drapes will maximize the radiance if used with the lighting mentioned above. Then, as dusk comes, the wedding venue will transform into royal scenery.

Multipurpose Paper - Just this one ingredient will help deck up the wedding venue in one of the most environmentally friendly ways. A backdrop pinned with origami flowers and hanging lanterns will lift everyone's spirits. Since origami works are airy, they keep working the environment in the room. No one moment is the same with this paperwork.


Don't overdo it

It is almost impossible to resist throwing a bunch of string lights on the wedding tent. So is the case with the other decor items. But your kiddish fantasies aside, a wedding is a serious business. No one way is right or wrong. Then how to tell if it's too much or too little? The problem will most probably lie with what you use rather than how much. A thousand balloons won't hurt you, but a thousand of the same colour will. Don't use too many small, matching things together. 

Keep the decor of the venue alive at all times by diversifying it.