The Galaxy Rose - An Eternal Gift Of Love

The Galaxy Rose - An Eternal Gift Of Love

Discover a romantic rose gift that lasts a lifetime

If you or your loved one have enjoyed Beauty and the Beast, you'll be sure to love this eternal rose gift that was inspired by the movie. This preserved forever rose is almost identical to the rose in a glass dome from the original film and it is just as magical in person.


Featuring LED strip lights that enhance the glow of the rose, a clear and durable glass dome for protection, and an artificial replica rose, this galaxy rose is a perfect choice for gifting to a loved one, using as a home decoration, or giving your partner a symbolic anniversary gift. No matter who you give it to they will love the romantic symbolism that is attached to the gift.

There are so many amazing aspects of this beautiful rose gift and you have the option to customize details to make it personal for whoever you decide to gift it to.


Red may be the most thought of color when it comes to roses, however, there are some other romantic colors like pink, white, and blue to choose from when you are thinking about gifting a galaxy rose to your loved one.

Each color is unique and beautiful in its own ways and will enlighten whoever you gift it to no matter what color you choose.



This LED rose shows its true beauty in the light, especially in the dark. Just like the eternal rose in Beauty and the Beast, this galaxy rose has elegant strip lights that illuminate the color of the rose and help to bring out the romantic details of the flower in its dome. Also, a special version is offered that the flower is much shining and fairy.



This galaxy rose is meant to last more than a lifetime. It is a forever rose, made with high-quality artificial materials to ensure that the rose stays looking the same way as when you first purchase it. 

Also, the strong, durable glass dome that encompasses the rose will keep the rose fully preserved to be enjoyed many years after you originally purchase it. 


No matter which color you choose or who you choose to give the galaxy rose gift to, they will be sure to love the beautiful quality of the rose, glass dome, and the loving gesture upon receiving this one-of-a-kind magical gift.