The Top 10 Gifts That Your Girlfriend Really Wants

The Top 10 Gifts That Your Girlfriend Really Wants

If you have an important gift to buy for your girlfriend you’re probably feeling a little panicky right now. Maybe you’re remembering the time she threw a gift back in your face (well, it was a pack of tea towels!), or worse, the time you forgot to buy one.

Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary, or just to show how much you care, these unique gifts will rock your girlfriend’s world. 

Rose Bear

If you really want her to love you forever, you can’t go past these gorgeous flower bears. Specially crafted by hand using more than 200 roses, nothing says “I love you” more!

Best of all, they come in lots of different colors so her favorite is guaranteed to be there. We suggest you add the special gift box option for ultimate impact.

rose bear 25cm


Eternal Galaxy Rose in Glass Dome

Next on our list is the Eternal rose in a glass dome. This classy number consists of a stunning preserved rose that will last all eternity surrounded by a pretty LED light, all encased in a glass dome. These make unique gifts that will surely impress!

rose in glass dome


LED Tree Light

Make your girlfriend feel like a princess with this LED tree light. Shaped like a bonsai tree, these magical lamps add a fairy-tale touch to any room. Her eyes will light up the moment she switches it on and you’re guaranteed to be in the good books for some time after!

LED table tree light


Magic Circle Charging Pad for iPhone

The talk of the town right now, you have to grab her a magic charging pad before all her friends get one. The epitome of cool, these fast charging wireless pads for iPhones are not only essential but look great. Put the phone on the center of the pad and a magic pattern appears while charging the phone at the same time. Genius!

Magic circle phone charger pad



Before you freak out, we’re not saying it has to be “that” special ring. Your girlfriend would love to receive a special piece of jewelry so that every time she wears it she thinks of you. If you pick something really awesome and she receives compliments, that’s double the cookie points! Do your research first on this one and find out what she likes. 




Know your girlfriend’s favorite brand? If you have the cash, it’s worth the splurge. If she’s been leaving magazines lying around the house and left them open on pages with bags, you definitely have to buy her a handbag. She may have even been thoughtful enough to circle some great ideas for you!


Spa Day or Pamper Weekend

You can thank us for this one later! You get to win too because you get to go with her. Book a massage session and chill out in the spa or pool after. Follow this up with a swish dinner in the hotel. 


Wine Tasting Evening

This one’s for you too. Book a wine tasting evening for you both and make it a surprise. Your girlfriend will be impressed with such a thoughtful and creative gift.


Cheese Making Course

If your girlfriend’s not into cheese (we’d be shocked) then make it a chocolate course or cooking course on her favorite cuisine. The reward will be yummy food in your home after the day’s done. 


Snuggle Vouchers

This will require a bit of effort because you’ll need to make them yourself for true impact. Go buy some card and glitter pens and design some vouchers for time on the couch together, extra kisses, etc. and she will be overjoyed. It’s cute, practically free and even if you buy one of the other great gifts above, we suggest adding some of these with the card. 

That’s it. The top 10 gifts that your girlfriend actually wants. Best of all, many of these unique gifts can be bought in just a few clicks