Tips for Room Decorations

Tips for Room Decorations

Let’s admit it – no one likes to be in a room that has a bare, dull wall. On top of being incredibly dull to look at, blank walls can play a large part in keeping the mood sombre and even depressing at times, according to psychologists. So whether you live in a small apartment or a big one, all walls deserve to be brightened up with your favourite colours, and your room deserves furniture and wall hangings to look more complete.


Wall Decor

Wall decor is an integral part of making your wall look more pleasant, either through the usage of a colour that brings you joy or through a wallpaper that looks grand on your wall. Among the many wall decor ideas you are bound to come across on the Internet, a wallpaper seems to be one of the trendiest options right now in giving your room a wholly new look from the one you have so grown accustomed to. Not only does it provide a change in your immediate surroundings, but it can also be replaced with a different wallpaper later on if you like, which makes this option all the more enticing.


Paper Flowers

This is another trendy way to make your room look cooler – you can order artificial paper flowers from the internet and place them on your bedside table, or hang them from a thin string that goes along the length of your room – which is guaranteed to give your room a more earthy and fresh feeling, in addition to making it look more decorated.



Who could forget the lights? If you brighten up your room with LED string light as a wall hanging, it is sure to make your room ten times cooler. Imagine switching off all other lights at night, putting these on, and turning on your favourite music to relax. Now that gives you one more reason to stay in your room and avoid going out!



This is something we’ve all done at one point in our lives – hang up posters of our favourite personalities and music artists on our walls to fill up the blankness and turn it into something we're always attracted to. However, be sure to get a wall-safe adhesive to hang your posters with, or you could end up damaging your walls instead.


Staircase Decorations

For the ideal staircase wall decoration, we would recommend something that is both pleasant to the eyes as well as not too dense a decoration, since we love to see simple yet attractive designs and decorations as compared to intricate, complex ones, especially when we're already occupied in climbing upstairs. For example, you could opt for a classy look with a tree branches decoration or one with blossoming flowers. Alternatively, you could put up LED string lights along the staircase railing, giving it a more vibrant look as well as aiding people in climbing it up in the dark. Whatever you end up opting for, it is guaranteed to change the very outlook of your room, so have fun figuring out what kind of a look you want to give it!